By Will Englander

Welcome to Top of the Pops, the Blog that Nobody Asked For

A blog! Finally! Said nobody. But nevertheless - and as part of our mission to make our new website stellar – we are launching a semi-regular blog. Covering all things from Ginger to Beer to falling flat on our faces.

Literally the only reason I’m writing this first entry so that there is something on the ‘Blog’ webpage when the new site launches. Not reflective of the quality of content to come. I hope.

We want to bring you more than a polished ‘inside scoop’. More like the rambling thoughts of a Founder on a Friday. So if you’re interested in young start-ups: stay tuned.

At some point I might even tell you about the ‘Week of Death’ in April 2021, when the business looked like it was going to fail, before it even started.

Bye for now

Will x

p.s. Did you like the name?