By Joe Truman

GB Sprinter Joe Truman Claims 'Rapid Bicycle Delivery' Status

When Will told me he was starting a blog for the new website and I’d be welcome to contribute, my first thought was crap, it’s been a while since my GCSE English and I wasn’t sure how much my critical analysis of ‘Of Mice and Men’ would help, but here goes! 


A quick intro, my name’s Joe, I’m a Team GB Cyclist and training for the Paris Olympics in 2024. I first got in contact with Will when my team nutritionist recommended I start including ginger in my diet to help fight inflammation after surgery. Luckily it helped and the Ginger Beer and Ginger Shots became part of my daily routine. 


Over the next while I’d love to be able to share some wisdom and insights from the world of elite sport while I’m travelling on my Olympic qualification journey. I may even get down to London for some last-minute endurance training cough cough deliver GB to customers. Although as a sprinter (whose event is <1 minute) I’m not sure how useful I’d be, but boy that first drop off would be rapid. 


Last week I was in Switzerland for the European Championships, always a notoriously hard early-season race especially as it was my first race back from a major injury. My pre-race Ginger Shot was the closest I could get to Dutch courage but choosing to focus on the processes rather than the outcomes helped settle the nerves. I managed to come away with a Silver medal and a sea-level British record, a big boost for the rest of the season. 


Next up on the Olympic Qualification adventure is Indonesia for 10 days, we’ve been warned about Bali Belly so I might have to stick to some gingery cans of goodness for the trip to see me through…!