What's Inside?

  • Fresh Ginger Root from Mkomazi, Northern Tanzania

    Batch 06: We directly imported 1,340L of Fresh Ginger Juice, frozen for transit. The root comes straight from a single smallholder farm in Mkomazi Village, 3 hours to the south-east of Kilimanjaro, and is one of the world's spiciest species.

    Academic research has shown a strong link between East African Ginger Root and higher concentrations of Gingerol. This is the bioactive compound in Ginger that yields several natural health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-nausea.

    We are proud of our 'as-direct-as-possible' supply chain, which guarantees fair prices for Dan & Juma, our Tanzanian farmers. This could not happen without our incredible export partner in Arusha, Bob.

  • Fresh Lime from Garissa, Central-East Kenya

    Batch 06: We work with our partner in Nairobi, Orchard Juices, to find the best fruit from the region.

    Our Limes come from Garissa, a town in the central-east of Kenya. The Limes are smaller than we see typically in the UK, but they are much juicier! We import this juice frozen, alongside Ginger, Pineapple and Mango.

    A classic pairing with Ginger, the acidity of the Lime juice adds complexity and freshness to the overall taste. Limes are also naturally high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, enhancing the immunity boost that our Ginger drinks can provide.

  • Fresh Pineapple from Thika Central Province, Kenya

    Batch 06: Orchard Juices source their own Pineapples when the season is right, crushing and juicing them at maximum ripeness for perfect flavour.

    The Pineapples come from Thika, which is just to the west of Mt. Kenya and to the north of Nairobi. Perfect growing conditions! All of the juice is immediately frozen after cold-pressing, and is then shipped to us in the UK.

    The freshness and acidity of Pineapple is just a subtle hint in our Limited Edition Pineapple Ginger Beer, but is the perfect flavour combo with Lime and the 'afterburn' of our Ginger.

    Pineapple - like Ginger - has anti-inflammatory properties from the Bromelain enzyme, and it's also high in Vitamin C.

  • Fresh Mango from Makueni Eastern Province, Kenya

    Batch 06: We also rely on Orchard Juices to source the best Mangoes in East Africa.

    For this batch we sourced Apple Mangoes from Makueni, to the South East of Nairobi. The fresh juice - which we imported frozen with our other juices - has beautiful notes of peach and coconut.

    The Mango juice brings a tropical smoothness to our Mango Limited Edition, without adding too much sweetness.

    Mangoes are known to promote immunity and digestive health; they are also rich in Vitamin A, Potassium and Magnesium which all positively impact wellbeing.

  • Fresh Mint from morocco

    Batch 06: Remember those epic Moroccan Mint teas?

    We sourced this extra-fragrant Mint and steeped it in Devon spring water to make huge vat of cold-brew Mint tea. A.k.a the base for our drinks!

    We know that Mint works with Ginger (part of the classic Moscow Mule recipe after all), but we were also attracted by its functional benefits for easing stomach problems.

  • Maple Syrup from Canada

    Batch 06: We use award-winning Pure Maple Syrup, refined from the sap of Maple Trees in Quebec.

    Maple Syrup gives a delicious caramel note to our drink, which compliments the Zingerone from the Ginger. This is a spicy-sweet compound that forms when Ginger is heated.

    Maple is also a low-calorie alternative to sugar, with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; it is of course vegan and natural, too.

    p.s. You can also find Zinc and Manganese in the syrup, which is great for immunity and metabolism! Who knew?

The Secret Recipe

Here's our founder Will explaining the magic behind our Original Ginger Beer recipe...