The Root Co. started with a general anaesthetic. Will woke up from a leg op in 2018 and had a real light bulb moment (while still heavily drugged) that Ginger Beer in the UK needed a shake-up.

2 years later - during lockdown - he brewed a few experimental batches on weekends, while working as a management consultant. The idea was simple: create a Ginger Beer x Ginger Shot hybrid, with a simple, spicy recipe and fresh juice.

Will found that Ginger Beers are often too sweet and too fizzy, and that Ginger Shots are frustratingly small, sometimes too harsh - and always in plastic packaging.

By Feb 2021 he’d left his job, and launched his first canned Ginger Beers in May. Staying true to the original kitchen recipe, both of our cans still contain just 5 ingredients: fresh Ginger & Lime juice, mixed with Water, Maple Syrup & fresh Mint. That’s it.

All of our recipes still follow the FIVE-INGREDIENT RULE, but we are starting to explore tropical notes through Pineapple and Mango...