Meet The Team

Will, Founder & Director

Started The Root Co. in 2021. Former Management Consultant with OC&C.

Strength: Medium // Weakness: 1kg Tubs of Peanut Butter

Loves: Cryptic Crossword // Hates: Spending a Sunny Day Indoors

Strange Skill: Remembering Niche Song Lyrics

"I'm incessantly chatty and I like logistics. And food. And running."

Sam, Strategy Lead

Joined Will in 2024 After Discovering Himself Travelling (and an Engineering Degree).

Strength: Silly Haircuts // Weakness: Hummus

Loves: Building Sh** // Hates: #VALUE! #REF!

Strange Skill: Minesweeper

"Football, guitar, devil's advocate - I play them all. On a 826 day cryptic crossword streak by the way. How's that, Will?"